Kid’s Stories

Donald W.  Age 27

“When I went to camp I was in pain because my parents were about to divorce. But the kids there understood me.  It gave me a chance to heal and get through it.  It changed my life.”

Jonathon C.  Age  14

“Camp meant hanging out with family, because they are like family to me. The dancing during the songs taught me how to enjoy singing. They made worship so much fun. I loved canoeing at camp. I looked forward to it every time.”

Mai U. Age 10

“I attended Beaver Cross for three years and loved going there because not all the kids have the chance to go to church. The things they taught us in the mornings were great. They explained to us the way God wants us to live in such a simple way. I felt so good the rest of the day after that. It hard to pick out my favorite thing because we do a lot of fun stuff! But if I have to narrow it down to three I would say: 1) Getting to know new friends. 2) Learning about the Bible  3) Going to the lake!”

Samuel M. Age 15

“To me camp is sort of a home away from home. It’s a place where I can open up and be myself without being judged.

Camp helped me grow by allowing me to open up and receive powerful advice and insight. It has shown me that there is something greater than anything on Earth watching over us and protecting us.

My favorite experience from Beaver Cross is by the bonfire at the end of each week. Just being out with friends and nothing but a flame to light us is a beautiful and magical time.”

Eddy L. Age 12

“I like camp and I’ve made a lot of friends.”

Lilli Greenspan, Age 14

“Camp is that wonderful part of summer that every kids looks forward to having. Friends and campfires, singing and worship, swimming and crafts every day is an adventure. This is what camp means to me.”

Zach Greenspan, Age 17

“Camp helped me grow as person. I have made friends that will be lifelong. Friends from all over the world!”