Board Members

Lynne Crimi

Lynne has a Masters in Social Work and is a Deacon in the Episcopal Church.

She continues to counsel numerous parishioners and conduct courses on mindfulness and spiritual healing.  She enjoys walking, gardening and above all, her grandchildren. She and Dennis are world travelers.

Dennis Crimi

Dennis is a retired business executive and entrepreneur.  He is very involved as a counselor for SCORE, a national organization that helps businessmen and women.

He’s always working around the Crimi “farm,” plays a lot of golf and is a big time Yankee fan.

Robert Crimi

Rob owns Health Concepts Partners, one of the largest medical device distributors in the US. His passion is boating in Newport and Florida.  His cats dominate his life more than he would admit. He is a sold-out Yankee fan and not so freely admits to his love of the Jets.

Brad Crimi

Brad runs Health Concepts Services and Rolling Steel; a medical device repair company.  Brad lives in Mahwah, NJ with his wife and two young children.  He enjoys skiing, golfing the Yankees and (sometimes) the Jets.

Board Members In-Training

Leah Crimi: Age 8

Colin Crimi: Age 5